Classic Car Ownership

Chris Day, owner of Mack logistics, has been around classic and vintage vehicles all his life and has a healthy passion for all aspects of performance, classic and vintage cars. Being an owner operator of a 1968 Shelby Mustang as well as having access to several similar family owned cars, he has always been aware of the special commitment required for classic car ownership transport.

A background in Transportation

Our background is in the transportation of high value printing equipment both within the UK and Europe and many thousands of miles have been covered without mishap. additionally we have been approached to undertake the safe delivery of unusual freight including large and fragile high value works of art. In many circumstance we have called upon our unique engineering background in order to build custom cages, restraints and lifting gear.

Race Transporter 6

In our opinion one of the best trailers on the market and perfect for our intended usage.

The RT6 can capably transport wide race and sports cars and in addition offers very useful storage space. There is easy access via wide side doors on each side of the trailer in addition to the trailer door ramp. The chassis design has Tri-axle running gear with 10” wheels and low profile tyres with a fully flat floor up to the sides maintaining a low centre of gravity.

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