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Having someone driving away a trailer that contains your prized possession means you need to trust that they understand the attachment you have as an owner.

Our business has grown through personal referrals and we take our client relationships very seriously.


Concept Cars

Supporting an OEM with location changes around a busy capital city for a day and night photoshoot and film creation? We can do that.

Classic Cars

Discreet transport of a classic car into central London, under the cover of darkness and into a building? We can do that.

Private Collections

Transport a private collection of cars, boats and bikes across continents? We’ve done that.

Event Support

Transport to and from your event? Absolutely. Follow you and support you on the event? We can do that.

Media Drives

If you’re an OEM, big or small, media drives can be stressful. Getting to locations, setting up for photoshoots, driving for filming and cleaning the products? We do that.

Film & Video Support

Transporting the product to a location is one thing we do but we also provide our vehicles to carry and keep dry the photographers and film crews too. All in a days work.

Discover Our Services:

We provide a range of specialist transport services throughout the UK and Europe with a variety of single and multi-car enclosed transport options. They are available for a range of activities that include:

  • Concours events
  • Road/race/rally events and support
  • Track day events and support
  • PR/Media driving events
  • Servicing and repair collection and delivery
  • Auction events
  • Visual inspection reports
  • Film and production support and transport
  • Dealer transfer transport
  • High discretion mule testing transport and support
  • Manufacturer special projects
  • Press delivery and collection
lotus evija photographed at night and moved around london by mack logistics
lotus evija positioned in london by mack logistics

The care and attention Mack Logistics put in to making sure the cars arrive promptly and in pristine condition is second to none.

Damien Fidler

McLaren Guildford

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