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Keep Your Cool

The summer is well and truly hotting up, that’s for sure. While the mercury is rising, we’re at least keeping some cool company.

Our latest fleet addition, our two-car covered transporter, is proving to be a bit of a hit. We often see people posting about their ideal two-car garage but just look at the two cars in our truck. Surely, that would do it?! From the power of motorsport through to the gliding beauty of the perfect, Pinninfarina styled Peugeot 504, we’re still honoured to be carrying such a varied amount of cars.

The 504, once owned by JK from Jamiroquai, is such a beautifully proportioned car. The powder blue under the European sunshine was a perfect match.

unloading a miura by mack logistics

As for some other highlights of the start of summer, it never fails to make us or anyone else, happy when we deliver a McLaren F1. The Harrods livery being the money shot for Rob!

lamborghini miura in black delivered by mack logistics

We’re all in this together

With not only the trials and tribulations of Brexit, the ever increasing fuel prices have really hit us in the last few months. With little to no way of knowing what the price at the pump may be, the other impact to a small business like ours is cashflow.

It is a constant battle to balance the books and the bank account but speaking to the other transport guys we share the road with, it is affecting us all.

Sharing the road and the overnight stops with likeminded people though really helps us get through things as well as those clients who also understand that fuel surcharges and prompt payment massively helps us too. We cannot thank you enough for that!

Hopefully those in charge of such things can start to be replaced with those that know more about the industry, but lets not get into that right now, we’ve got a truck load of things to transport.

Right, back to work!